Antique Bar & Bakery

For over 100 years people have been bringing Antique Bakery bread to their tables…now, we’re bringing the tables to the bread!

The Vision

Antique Bakery will be at the forefront of the emerging Hoboken restaurant scene, re-directing the flow of folks from Brooklyn and setting them on the PATH to New Jersey. 
We will provide a Manhattan worthy dining experience, just a skip across the river, and create a needed scene by providing the new, city savvy demographic the place they’ve been waiting for. Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, providing an after work bar scene, dinner and a late night hang-out, Antique Bakery will truly be an authentic treat in the taste of history that is all together modern.
From building the first Antique Bakery, the restaurant, in Hoboken, to rising to the occasion of the imminent follow up stores in Chicago, Vegas, LA, and Miami is a recipe of preserving everything it has always been while pushing forward everything it shall be.
Antique Bakery will develop its own line of  “Antique Goods” – providing beautifully presented and unique food for guests to enjoy at home. Bread Spreads, butters, sauces, bread kits, and cookbook will celebrate food as it in intended to be while being entirely "marketable".