Antique Bar & Bakery

For over 100 years people have been bringing Antique Bakery bread to their tables…now, we’re bringing the tables to the bread!

How food should be.  

Antique Bakery will serve food as it is intended to be - fresh, local, clean and healthy. Founded in the flavors our families grew up with, it’s not only good for you, it’s good to you!
Food has come full circle, and we’re fortunate that today’s demands are directly in line with our “Taste Of Tradition” philosophy that allows us to brand a way of cooking and eating that would leave grandma astonished at her trendsetting techniques.
With the majority of the menu being cooked in the 30-ton coal oven, his is a straightforward approach to food he refers to as ‘three-chord cuisine.’ Food as simple and moving as the blues riffs that spawned rock & roll, combined simply and tastefully. The palette of flavors is unapologetic and bold while remaining true to the roots of cooking.
Gerard, influenced by classics, creates dishes using the freshest seafood, in-house butchered organic and hormone free meats and poultry, and produce from local and regional farms. The menu, while sticking to the ethos of “food as it is intended to be” has the distinct pleasure caters to even the most stringent of dietary requirements. based on whole foods, organic meats, fish and roasted vegetables, paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and even raw foodists will be.
The menu will see the majority of cooked foods roasted in the 30-ton coal oven. Pasta and pizza dough will be handmade daily. Private estate cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil will be used and local NY/NJ, North East and Imported Artisan Cheese will be served.
Gerard’s menu:
Pricing will be moderate with bar snacks and appetizers starting at five dollars and entrees (pastas to chicken) from the teens to the mid twenties. Steaks cut to order will be at Market Price.