Antique Bar & Bakery

For over 100 years people have been bringing Antique Bakery bread to their tables…now, we’re bringing the tables to the bread!

Story has it, Sinatra had suitcases of Antique Bakery bread flown cross-country to his home in Palm Springs.


For over 100 years, Antique Bakery has been a major player in Hoboken bread baking, and the custom built coal-fired oven is now 1 of only 2 left in the mile square city. Antique Bakery welcomes walk-ins with it's retail counter in front of the store, and boasts a thriving wholesale business baking in the neighborhood of 1000 loaves a day.
Golden, crusty Italian loaves and long French baguettes known as ‘sticks, panelles, hero rolls, dinner rolls and specialty focaccia are displayed in-house and delivered daily to restaurants and delis across New Jersey and Manhattan. With its crusty exterior and chewy insides, everyone agrees that "Hoboken bread" is in a world all it's own.
What makes it so delicious is enthusiastically touted by locals that everything from the water, to the coal-fired oven, to the fact that every loaf of bread is hand-made, rather than stamped or assembly-line produced, makes Antique Bakery a community landmark.